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Minecraft vanilla stuff and fantasy!

Created by Reikeb


NewMod is a Minecraft mod that brings new stuff from new Minecraft version into old Minecraft version



NewMod is one of my first mods ever made with MCreator. I wanted to add stuff from newer version of Minecraft into a version that many people still play with.
This mod was made a long time ago with an old version of MCreator. It is now discontinued and will receive no update.


Here are the things in the mod

Barrel :
Just like its 1.14 version, an alternative for chests.
barrels Crimson Nylium/Stems/Planks/Stairs/Fences/Slabs/Trapdoors/Roots/Fungus, Weeping Vines and Shroomlights :
Can't be crafted (except for planks, stairs, fences, slabs and trapdoors), only found in Crimson Forests.
cp Warped Nylium/Stems/Planks/Stairs/Fences/Slabs/Trapdoors/Roots/Fungus, Warped Wart Block and Twisting Vines :
Can't be crafted (except for planks, stairs, fences, slabs and trapdoors), only found in Warped Forests.
wp Ancient Debris :
Spawn in the Nether, between floor 15 and 0.
ad Netherite Block :
A block made of Netherite Ingots, can be used for beacon base.
nb Smelter :
Used to smelt new things.
Needs lava above it to work. Smelting time takes about 1 minute.

smeternew Nether gold ore :
Can be found in the Nether, a bit more rare than the quartz ore.
ngo Crying Obsidian :
A weird variation of obsidian. What does it do? Nobody knows..

Renforced Iron Ingot :
Used for some kind of stuff.
renforced_iron_ingot Netherite Scrap and Ingot :
New ores from 1.16.
ni Scrap and Ingot molds :
Can be use with the Smelter to make Netherite Scrap and Ingot.

Netherite tools (Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel and Hoe) :
noe Rotate Hammer :
Right clic to change a block's orientation, and when used to mine, can mine in 3x3.
rotate_hammer Blaze Rod Bow :
Sends explosive arrows.
blaze_rod_bow Haste potion :
A potion that gives the haste effect, like the beacon, but without beacon.
hastepotionrecipe Wither potion :
A potion which gives the wither effect.
recipewp Cluckshroom :
The mooshroom version of the chicken!
cluck Furnace Golem :
A golem made of furnace, be careful and don't burn yourself!
golem Stormtrooper Armor :
An armor to feel like a stormtrooper!
stormtrooper_armor Netherite Armor :
THE most advanced armor of the game!

And finally, biomes! These biome are Nether like biomes. The problem is that the border between the Nether and the Overworld is a little broken, and sometime, you'll find these biomes in the Overworld.
Crimson Forest :
With all the Crimson stuff I introduced at the beginning.
cb Warped Forest :
With all the Warped stuff I introduced at the beginning.



- Blackout (Hidiho03) for making the main picture of my mod and helping me at code.
- Minecraft (then Mojang/Microsoft) for making the game that changed the history of games.
- MCreator (then Pylo) for making this awesome mod-builder.
- Blockbench for helping me create 3D models for new blocks and items.
- GIMP for helping me create and modify textures.
- Everyone that helped and/or supported me.


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What means Verified?

  • Compatibility: The mod should be compatible with the latest version of Minecraft and be clearly labeled with its supported versions.
  • Functionality: The mod should work as advertised and not cause any game-breaking bugs or crashes.
  • Security: The mod should not contain any malicious code or attempts to steal personal information.
  • Performance: The mod should not cause a significant decrease in the game's performance, such as by causing lag or reducing frame rates.
  • Originality: The mod should be original and not a copy of someone else's work.
  • Up-to-date: The mod should be regularly updated to fix bugs, improve performance, and maintain compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft.
  • Support: The mod should have an active developer who provides support and troubleshooting assistance to users.
  • License: The mod should be released under a clear and open source license that allows others to use, modify, and redistribute the code.
  • Documentation: The mod should come with clear and detailed documentation on how to install and use it.

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How to Install


Download Forge & Java

Download Forge from the offical Site or here. If you dont have Java installed then install it now from here. After Downloading Forge you can run the file with Java.



Lounch Minecraft and select your Forge istallation as Version this will create a Folder called Mods.


Add Mods

Type Win+R and type %appdata% and open the .minecraft Folder. There will you find your Folder called Mods. Place all Mods you want to play in this Folder



You are now Ready. Re-start your Game and start Playing.

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