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Unvalkyried Heavens

An unofficial fork of the physics-based airship mod Valkyrien Skies 1, expanding compatibility with other mods.

Created by lord_darth_dan


This is an unofficial fork of Valkyrien Skies 1 by Triode

It exists for modpacks to be able to use a patched version that does not crash the game when other mods try to interact with objects on the ships.



Valkyrien Skies is a mod that allows you to build a movable (air-) ship that is able to physically interact with the world while all your redstone and machinery runs onboard. This allows for a lot of possibilities, especially when other mods are included - build a mining ship, a battleship, a highly maneuverable plane or a speedy hoverbike. This project's goal is to expand the range of mods viable for use onboard of the Valkyrien Skies constructs - so that, for example, you can code your ship's controls in Lua using OpenComputers.


This project does not aim to add any content or develop the mod further. With Valkyrien Skies 2, which is based on a superior physics engine, close to release and potential backporting to 1.12, I am not likely to put much effort into updating this. However, pull requests will be considered.


Changes compared to VS1 version 1.0.7

  • Changed the "wrong thread" check to throw a warning into the log rather than an exception interrupting the execution.
    This allows for Opencomputers machines to run on the ships, for Psi spells to be cast into ship space with some trickery, for mods like Damage Indicator to not crash the server when near assembled ships, etc.
  • Added a config options to support GTCEu/GTCE type of "Fake Worlds" that caused "IllegalStateException: World [world] doesn't have an VSWorldDataCapability."


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What means Verified?

  • Compatibility: The mod should be compatible with the latest version of Minecraft and be clearly labeled with its supported versions.
  • Functionality: The mod should work as advertised and not cause any game-breaking bugs or crashes.
  • Security: The mod should not contain any malicious code or attempts to steal personal information.
  • Performance: The mod should not cause a significant decrease in the game's performance, such as by causing lag or reducing frame rates.
  • Originality: The mod should be original and not a copy of someone else's work.
  • Up-to-date: The mod should be regularly updated to fix bugs, improve performance, and maintain compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft.
  • Support: The mod should have an active developer who provides support and troubleshooting assistance to users.
  • License: The mod should be released under a clear and open source license that allows others to use, modify, and redistribute the code.
  • Documentation: The mod should come with clear and detailed documentation on how to install and use it.

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How to Install


Download Forge & Java

Download Forge from the offical Site or here. If you dont have Java installed then install it now from here. After Downloading Forge you can run the file with Java.



Lounch Minecraft and select your Forge istallation as Version this will create a Folder called Mods.


Add Mods

Type Win+R and type %appdata% and open the .minecraft Folder. There will you find your Folder called Mods. Place all Mods you want to play in this Folder



You are now Ready. Re-start your Game and start Playing.

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