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Scaling Feast

A simple, balanced way to increase your maximum hunger

Created by TheRealYeelp


Psst! Remember CurseForge/GitHub is the only place you should be getting Scaling Feast from. Not on CurseForge? Don't know how to get there? Don't worry, you're covered. Just click here 

To everyone who contributed, found bugs, and improved Scaling Feast during beta, whether you opened issues or not, thank you.



This mod requires AppleCore!

In particular:

Versions 1.3.3 and below require AppleCore 3.2.0 or higher

Version 1.4.0 requires AppleCore 3.3.0 or higher

Version 1.5.0 and higher requires AppleCore 3.4.0 or higher 

Travis (.org) GitHub issues


Scaling Feast is an progressive extension of Minecraft's base hunger system. This mod aims to gradually grant players the benefits of deeper hunger reserves over time. Mods which grant the player an unlimited saturation cap may not recognize that by doing so, they grant the player easy access to an extended form of health regeneration stronger than the base game's own Regeneration III (With saturation, the player gains health at one full heart per second, compared to Regeneration III at 0.8 hearts per second). Scaling Feast allows players to work towards this, should they choose to. Scaling Feast pairs well with other food mods, like Pam's HarvestCraft.


This mod is not an addon to SilentChaos512's Scaling Health, although it was inspired by it.




This mod adds 3 obtainable items, making it a pretty lightweight mod.

- The Hearty Shank is the item players will craft and consume to gain extra hunger. 

- The Iron Apple is a crafting component for the Hearty Shank, but can also be consumed to regenerate hunger slowly.

- An uncraftable enchanted variation exists that regenerates hunger at a faster rate, while also reducing the rate at which a player's exhaustion increases, effectively making each hunger point last longer.

- A cake-like block called a Hearty Feast can be obtained with the Hearty Shank. This meat pie block restores a percentage of your max hunger every time you eat a slice, The higher your max hunger, the more it restores! Check images for some screenshots.


This mod also improves the HUD, with various configuration options.

Coloured hunger shanks will be drawn on top of the vanilla icons to display how much 'extra' hunger you have. Coloured outlines will also be drawn to show your additional saturation (and a bolder outline will be drawn to show you maximum hunger). There are configuration options to change the colours used, stop drawing the saturation altogether. You can also change the information that is displayed to the right.


You can change the amount of hunger you start with too. Maybe you never want to sprint...

Or maybe you never want hunger to be an issue...

The choice is yours!


There is also a configurable penalty for starving. By starving, you'll notice the bold max hunger outline change colour.

Starve some more, and the colour will change some more until it becomes dark red.

Be wary! At this point, taking damage from starvation one more time will cause your max hunger to drop by a configurable amount, resetting this counter in the process.

This penalty is very configurable and can be disabled altogether.


Mobs can also damage a player's food stats (configurable and can be disabled). That is, Zombies (and every other non-player mob) can decrease your hunger and your health in a single attack (without adding potion effects!)


Dynamic Starvation! For every food point you would've lost while starving, you'll take extra damage the next time you take starvation damage! This is particularly nasty with the Famine enchantment or the ability for mobs to damage food stats as explained above.


This mod adds a few enchantments and potion effects to take advantage of the deeper hunger reserves.

- Gluttony is a chestplate treasure enchantment that increases the food value of food items you eat.

- Fasting  is a chestplate enchantment that reduces your exhaustion rate by 10% per level.

- Famine is a sword enchantment that cripples targets and rapidly drains hunger from them (if they are a player).

- Eternal Feast is a treasure sword enchantment that restores some food when you kill an entity.

- Curse of Deprivation is a treasure curse that makes a player take starvation damage faster.

- Curse of Laziness is a treasure curse that halves a player's total exhaustion (default 4 -> 2)

- Curse of Sensitivity is a treasure curse that gives a Soft Stomach debuff for overeating

- Metabolism is a potion effect that can be brewed or obtained by eating an Iron Apple. It regenerates hunger slowly (At exactly the same rate as health regeneration at the same level).

- Bloated is a potion effect that is essentially absorption for hunger. Also obtained from Iron Apples.

- Hunger Plus/Minus are potion effects that increase/decrease max hunger.

- Deficiency is an instant potion effect that acts as the opposite to vanilla's Saturation.

- Iron Stomach is a potion effect similar to the Fasting enchantment. It reduces the rate of exhaustion by 20% per level. It can only be obtained by eating an enchanted Iron Apple.

- Soft Stomach is a potion effect that does the opposite of Iron Stomach (Increases exhaustion rate by 20% per level)

If you want more information about a particular topic, including crafting recipes, and more detailed explanations, check out the (still incomplete) wiki (linked in the page header as well)!


Lastly, this mod has some integration with Spice of Life, and Spice of Life Carrot Edition! You can increase or decrease your max hunger depending on how varied your diet is! 

Psst! Remember CurseForge/GitHub is the only place you should be getting Scaling Feast from. Not on CurseForge? Don't know how to get there? Don't worry, you're covered. Just click here 


1. Can you backport this mod to [Pre 1.12.2 Minecraft Version]?

No. Development for older versions of Minecraft are typically not encouraged. 1.12 itself is on its way out. So there's no use going back further.

2. When will you port this mod to [Newer Minecraft Version]?

As soon as a stable version of this mod is released, development will shift to porting to a newer version (Most likely 1.14 or later). When 'a stable version' happens, is currently unknown. Please be patient. Once this mod is ported to a newer Minecraft version, versions of the mod for older Minecraft versions will only receive patches for critical bugs. No features will be backported (subject to my final decision).

3. I'm having problems with this mod!/This mod doesn't work with [Mod Name]!

Please open an issue on this mod's issue tracker, following the bug report issue template. Problems reported to this Curse Forge page have a high chance of being overlooked.

4. This mod definitely needs [Feature or Idea].

Please open an issue on this mod's issue tracker, following the feature request issue template. Please keep in mind that bug fixes take precedent over feature requests.

5. Can I use this mod in a modpack? Can I stream Minecraft content with this mod installed, or otherwise create any consumable media using this mod?

YES! I strongly encourage modpack authors to  fiddle with this mod! It'll help it gain some exposure and probably help squash a handful of bugs in the process. Everybody wins! The same goes to streamers. Modpack authors can send me links to their packs if they wish. I'd like to see how Scaling Feast gets used. It could help with development decisions (Heck, I might even play/stream the pack).

6.  Can I host this mod on [Webpage]?

NO, NO, NO! CurseForge is currently the home for Scaling Feast. If you still believe that this mod should be hosted on that webpage, contact me, and we'll discuss it. By contacting me in this manner, for this purpose, you agree that you give me permission to message you at any time, at any frequency, for any reason regarding this mod or the page that you suggested this mod be hosted on.


Psst! Remember CurseForge/GitHub is the only place you should be getting Scaling Feast from. Not on CurseForge? Don't know how to get there? Don't worry, you're covered. Just click here 


There's now a Discord server for my mods! Come hang out and chat about development, features, or really whatever you want! The Discord badge above contains a link for joining. Just click that. It's currently a small community, so you'll see me around often.


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What means Verified?

  • Compatibility: The mod should be compatible with the latest version of Minecraft and be clearly labeled with its supported versions.
  • Functionality: The mod should work as advertised and not cause any game-breaking bugs or crashes.
  • Security: The mod should not contain any malicious code or attempts to steal personal information.
  • Performance: The mod should not cause a significant decrease in the game's performance, such as by causing lag or reducing frame rates.
  • Originality: The mod should be original and not a copy of someone else's work.
  • Up-to-date: The mod should be regularly updated to fix bugs, improve performance, and maintain compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft.
  • Support: The mod should have an active developer who provides support and troubleshooting assistance to users.
  • License: The mod should be released under a clear and open source license that allows others to use, modify, and redistribute the code.
  • Documentation: The mod should come with clear and detailed documentation on how to install and use it.

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How to Install


Download Forge & Java

Download Forge from the offical Site or here. If you dont have Java installed then install it now from here. After Downloading Forge you can run the file with Java.



Lounch Minecraft and select your Forge istallation as Version this will create a Folder called Mods.


Add Mods

Type Win+R and type %appdata% and open the .minecraft Folder. There will you find your Folder called Mods. Place all Mods you want to play in this Folder



You are now Ready. Re-start your Game and start Playing.

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