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The big configurable survival system for starting your own server

Created by kkashmir


The big configurable DayZ system for starting your own server.

This mod doesn't include cars and guns!

Must be run on server and client, otherwise nothing happens!




  • Localization: English, Russian
  • New hunger system
  • Thirst system
  • Bleeding system(when you was attacked somehow)
  • Bone breaking system(when you felt from 3 and more blocks)
  • Infection system(when you was attacked by zombie)
  • Faint state(works randomly when you have 10 or less hp)
  • Drawing all this things on the screen
  • Food and medic items from DayZ
  • Backpacks(works in multiplayer and 3D)
  • Better modified player inventory
  • Unique item recycling system
  • Mines, tents, corpses, item spawns... and many other
  • All is configurable!

More features:


  • Player interaction(using medic on friends and open backpacks on right click)
  • Item interaction in inventory(on right click)
  • Item recycling system(using for getting another items like tent)
  • Highlighting the necessary items in the inventory in different colors(it was invented because of the frequent problem with the difference in subjects with a full inventory)
  • State of unconsciousness. Removes by adrenaline, injected by your friend
  • Checking the state of player. Use it by right click on player when sneaking

Future Features:

  • Backpacks
  • Lootable corpses
  • Camps
  • Player interaction
  • Airplane crashes
  • Zombies
  • Moving to 1.12.2
  • Content packs support
  • Hunting
  • Czech localization


  1. Install forge.
  2. Drop MCDayZ.jar to your game mods folder.
  3. Drop MCDayZ.jar to your server mods folder.

Doesn't work ? Try run the mod on Thermos-1614.



  • bug fixes
  • medic items use only on RC on item in player's inventory now
  • infection doesn't hit you till 5 minutes(configurable) pass
  • antibitics help you before infection starts hitting you, otherwise you will die anyway
  • to find out if you infected, you must RC on player in player's inventory and click on button "Check for bites..." in menu
  • added few events for custom rendering and custom inventories
  • added new items: blood bag, empty blood bag, bid and small aid kits
  • use empty blood bag on corpse for filling it
  • use blood bag on your friend for heal him
  • aid kits now cannot be used on another players


  • bug fixes.
  • Added mine block. Explodes when interacts with player.
  • Added corpses. Spawns with all player's items when player dies.
  • Added item spawner block
  • Added new listed menu. It throws when you click at player in your inventory.
  • Items: bandage, morphine, antibiotics and all medkits cannot be used now on right click. They can be used at player inventory only(RC on player).


  • bug fixes
  • Added highlighting item in the inventory. Configurable.
  • Added item interaction in the inventory on right click.
  • Added recycling system. Created for crafting more serious items.
  • Added using function on right click in the inventory.
  • Added new crafting recipes. 
  • Added new items.


  • Added a basic player interaction stuff: using all medic items on players around and looking into their backpacks on right click


  • Render for backpacks was successfully added. Looks good in multiplayer on players around too!

v 0.2

  • Backpacks added
  • Bug fixes


P.s. You can help the development of this mod. Just write what you want to see in future and maybe i will add it. 

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What means Verified?

  • Compatibility: The mod should be compatible with the latest version of Minecraft and be clearly labeled with its supported versions.
  • Functionality: The mod should work as advertised and not cause any game-breaking bugs or crashes.
  • Security: The mod should not contain any malicious code or attempts to steal personal information.
  • Performance: The mod should not cause a significant decrease in the game's performance, such as by causing lag or reducing frame rates.
  • Originality: The mod should be original and not a copy of someone else's work.
  • Up-to-date: The mod should be regularly updated to fix bugs, improve performance, and maintain compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft.
  • Support: The mod should have an active developer who provides support and troubleshooting assistance to users.
  • License: The mod should be released under a clear and open source license that allows others to use, modify, and redistribute the code.
  • Documentation: The mod should come with clear and detailed documentation on how to install and use it.

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How to Install


Download Forge & Java

Download Forge from the offical Site or here. If you dont have Java installed then install it now from here. After Downloading Forge you can run the file with Java.



Lounch Minecraft and select your Forge istallation as Version this will create a Folder called Mods.


Add Mods

Type Win+R and type %appdata% and open the .minecraft Folder. There will you find your Folder called Mods. Place all Mods you want to play in this Folder



You are now Ready. Re-start your Game and start Playing.

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